Admissions Process
We understand that selecting a school is an important  and sometimes complex process, and our goal is to assist parents to ensure proper placement. We encourage all applicants to visit our school while it is in session to witness first hand our school in action.  

As part of the admission process we assess an applicant´s academic aptitude to ensure proper placement.  Boca Prep seeks students who will not only thrive in our competitive IB program, but who will contribute in non-academic areas.

Admissions Process

1. Application  a. Application - On-line 
2. Application Fee - $300 non-refundable application fee to be submitted with the application.

3. Report Cards/Transcripts - International families may be required to have report cards/transcripts translated and evaluated for an additional fee, $480.00
Grade Requirements: 
- Pre-K 3 Not Applicable
- Pre-K 4 If Applicable – report card from Pre-K 3
- Kindergarten If Applicable – report card from Pre-K 4
- 1st – 9th  Report card for one year previous to prospective grade. Example: 6th grade report card for a student applying for 7th grade
- 10th-12th  All high school report cards/transcripts (age 14-18). Example: 9th, 10th and 11th report cards and transcripts for a student applying for 12th grade  

4. Teacher recommendation(s) - Must be received directly from the current school.

Grade Requirements:
- Pre-K 3 Not Applicable
- Pre-K 4 If Applicable – teacher recommendation from the Pre-K 3 teacher
- Kindergarten If Applicable – report card from the Pre-K 4 teacher
- 1st – 5th  Teacher recommendation from the current homeroom teacher  
- 6th-12th  Teacher recommendation from the current Math and English teachers  

5. Standardized test scores.   a) All U.S. students
b) International students (if available)  

6. Academic reports/awards (if available).  

7. Copy of birth certificate.  

8. Copy of passport (international students only)  

9. Immunization records.   a) Visit local doctor to obtain Florida health and immunization reports.  (student’s will not be permitted to attend classes until this has been received)
b) Translated in English before arrival to Boca Prep (international students).  

10. Demonstrated Community and Service (6th – 12th grade only)   a) International students (if available)   
11.  Signed Contract upon acceptance.